To offer an overview of the information contained in the ToscanaOpenResearch portal: this is the aim of the Guide to the use of ToscanaOpenResearch, which aims to present the methods of consultation and access to data on Research, Innovation and Higher Education in Tuscany to a public without specific skills.

With the aim therefore of increasing the usefulness and extending the use of ToscanaOpenResearch, the new document describes the project that is the basis of this portal, underlining the richness and variety of the data contained and illustrating the way in which it is possible to query the system to get the desired information.

ToscanaOpenResearch in fact represents the information tool of the Regional Research and Innovation Observatory, and is made up of different components:

  • various data sets on research, innovation and higher education: the data is presented in detail in the sections “What data is available on ToscanaOpenResearch?” and “What data can be explored on TOR?”;
  • a domain ontology, presented in the section “The TOR ontology”;
  • a SPARQL endpoint to explore and download data, presented in the section “What is the SPARQL Endpoint and how does it work?”;
  • interactive views that answer questions on higher education, research and innovation and research collaborations in Tuscany. The views allow you to easily explore the data and directly download the data displayed in CSV format, and are found in the section “What is the origin of TOR views?”.