Four Ebooks are now available for free on Toscana Open Research to read, understand and write about science, thanks to a special portal section.

The four Ebooks, downloadable for free in Pdf, Epub and Mobi formats, were published as part of the “Scrivere per conoscere” project, created in collaboration between the “Permanent Linguistic Observatory of Italian spoken among foreigners and immigrant languages in Italy” Research Centre of Excellence of the University for Foreigners of Siena and the Region of Tuscany, for the development of self-training tools on writing techniques appropriate for the academic and scientific field, also for dissemination purposes, for the benefit of teachers, researchers and university students.

“La scrittura scientifica” by Sergio Pizziconi mainly addresses young researchers to provide them with some theoretical tools to refine their writing skills and to adapt them to different textual genres using different languages.

“Scrivere nelle università: testi e attività” by Matteo La Grassa is an integrative theoretical-practical tool to the academic writing courses offered in many universities. In particular, it aims to be a guide for the conception, elaboration, drafting and revision of the written argumentative and expository text.

“La scrittura social” by Caterina Ferrini is based on a hypothesis of ethics of social writing and aims to provide the ability to control the text.  Faced with social writing strongly characterised by violence and lack of attention to truth, “guidelines” to expressive, effective, controlled writing attentive to truth were lacking, both in the popular and scientific and, more generally, daily fields.

“La scrittura come professione” by Raymond Siebetcheu analyses the peculiarities of journalistic and popular writing, highlighting the ways and strategies for the scientific control of linguistic and textual characteristics, and therefore also providing tools for greater control of one’s writing in relation the types of audiences addressed.


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