The Tuscany Region, Cnr, Tuscany North West local health authority and Iss will work together to identify and promote a series of research, training, technology transfer programs and other shared initiatives in the field of translational and personalised medicine. This is established by a framework agreement approved by the regional government. The purpose of the agreement is to jointly encourage and carry out research activities dedicated primarily to the field of experimental, translational biomedicine, oncology, metabolism and similar and/or related pathologies and minimally invasive surgery and telesurgery.

“With this agreement – commented the president of the Region, Enrico Rossi – we want to confirm and strengthen the partnerships with research and technical-scientific reference institutes in the field of public health such as Iss and Cnr, precisely with the aim of promoting the development of professional skills, to bring those skills back into daily clinical practice, to stimulate scientific research and to allow the adoption of new multidisciplinary organisational models, as well as guaranteeing all possible future shared projects”.

More specifically, the aim is to promote initiatives aimed at developing an advanced technological and organisational-managerial model for the creation of regional networks in the blood-oncology, dermatology and surgical innovation fields, starting from the Melanoma & Skin Cancer model. The possibility of extending participation in the agreement to other parties is also envisaged “to promote the maximum exploitation of the results generated by the scientific research system and the transformation and use of the same in the entrepreneurial sphere, at a territorial and national level”. Starting from the experience of the Melanoma & Skin Cancer Unit, the aim is to set up an integrated organisational and functional model between research and healthcare that allows biomedical and biotechnical innovation to be translated and transferred more quickly and effectively into clinical practice and diagnostic-assistance procedures with a view to predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory 4P medicine.

“With this agreement – added Massimo Inguscio, Cnr president – we hope to boost drive in the field of translational medicine, that is, in the transfer to clinical practice of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new acquisitions and knowledge originated in research laboratories, for the discovery of new disease mechanisms and therapeutic responses”. “This agreement, which arises in the context of collaborations with regions and territories, aims to promote a synergistic model at the service of citizens’ health” said Silvio Brusaferro, president of Iss.


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