The purpose of this article by Simone Bertini e Paolo Chini of IRPET (Istituto Regionale per la Programmazione Economica della Toscana) is to create, starting from the analysis of scientific publications, a first framework of research activities related to the topic of energy production from renewable sources and on the methods, technologies and related applications carried out by subjects who operate in Tuscany.

This is a field of research that over the years appears to be destined to an ever greater attention by the community in general, the production system and the system of planning, experimentation and analysis of public policies.

The programming of the structural funds to be implemented soon, as well as the Next Generation Europe and therefore the Recovery Plan, are focused on supporting the transition towards technical-productive and socio-economic systems different from the past, following strategic and operational guidelines aimed to “accelerate the twin green and digital transitions”.
A key element of the green transition is the shift to an energy production that is increasingly independent of fossil sources.

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