Toscana Open Research is a new portal to enhance the Tuscan innovation system and promote an increasingly transparent and inclusive governance. The site, presented during the conference “Tuscan research takes the spotlight”, is a platform that provides open data on the regional research system, which can be used according to the needs of the entire economic system and social: a useful tool for anyone planning or managing research programs or looking for ideas, partnerships and collaborations. Toscana Open Research was designed to support Tuscany Region policies within the Regional Research and Innovation Observatory, established at Irpet as an intelligent policy tool to integrate, open up and use data on the research system, monitor the results of the interventions carried out, and develop new and more effective policies.

Toscana Open Research, developed with the collaboration of Siris Academic regarding the collection of data and visualizations, and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana for the visual and communication side, makes open data accessible to the regional system of research, advanced training and innovative enterprises.

The portal presents 5 different sections that collect the open data according to the target of interest: Teachers and Researchers, Students, Citizens, Institutional Stakeholders and Companies. It offers access to data on teaching staff in Tuscan universities, students enrolled and graduates from the different universities, as well as the research specialization index, the European funds allocated for innovative projects as part of FP7 and H2020 tenders, collaborations between universities and businesses, and the resources allocated for innovation by the Region.

Toscana Open Research also brings together in a single social wall all the news from the system of higher education and innovation, including the sites and social channels of universities and research centres.

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