To help companies in technological transfer and innovation, technical and university training and work, the Tuscany Region offers a Regional Industry 4.0 Platform online.

The Platform, which was created as an integrated structure for the coordination of public sector support for enterprises, represents the technical-operational interface both for implementing the guidelines on the Regional Industry Strategy 4.0 and for connecting with the National Industry 4.0 Plan. The Platform is made up of the system of specialised skills of public research bodies and applied research infrastructures on the technologies identified by the Industry 4.0 Strategy, the system of vocational and university training, and the steering committees of the Nanotechnologies/New Materials and Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 technology districts.

This structure enables the council to identify ways of connecting with regional policies to support the process of innovation in the production system and to define strategic technological and production areas where to concentrate interventions and resources for the development of the regional territory. The end goal is to support the competitiveness of Tuscan companies by providing them with all the necessary tools to make choices and orientations towards Industry 4.0.

The Regional Industry 4.0 Platform has also officially become part of the DIH, Digital Innovation Hub Catalogue of the European Commission together with those of Milan, Venice and Bologna. DIH are eco-systems able to support enterprises, and in particular SMEs, in adapting to the challenges posed by the new industrial revolution.

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