Two online self-assessment tools to test your 4.0 skills and calculate your IT security level are available to Tuscan companies thanks to the Cantieri4.0 website and the Cyber Security Observatory.

Cantieri 4.0 is the operational tool of the Regional Platform Industry 4.0: an easy access point for companies that want to innovate and remain competitive on the markets, a space conceived as a “dashboard” of tools, information, opportunities present in Tuscany for companies that are about to start the digitalization process, through the technologies of Industry 4.0.
Among the tools available on the platform there are three evaluation models available to companies, developed thanks to the scientific support of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa and the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Siena and the collaboration of IRPET.
The three tests allow you to quickly obtain an assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the management of your company in view of Industry 4.0 and take the first steps towards the new industrial paradigm.

The first level assessment questionnaire is designed for companies interested in assessing their level of technological maturity, in order to activate the necessary actions to orient themselves within the various instruments available at both regional and national level. It is a relatively simple check-up, which the company can complete on its own with a maximum of 20 minutes’ dedicated time.
The advanced level assessment questionnaire provides an overview of the positioning of companies, analysing their structural elements from an organisational and operational point of view. The compilation may require the support of qualified personnel, made available free of charge for this type of survey.
Finally, there is a technology audit, which represents the most thorough level of analysis.
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The Cyber Security Observatory of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the CNR (Iit-Cnr) was created with the aim of informing and raising awareness among small and medium enterprises, professionals and public bodies on the importance of information security.
In fact, the Observatory offers the skills and results of the activities of the Iit-Cnr cyber security Laboratory, which is responsible for identifying vulnerability levels and threats to cyber security and for studying and improving network, system and information security techniques and methodologies.
This is why the Observatory has shared online a simple and quick self-assessment tool to calculate cyber risk.
The service requires two types of input: those related to security measures and those on company resources. When the questionnaire is complete, the service estimates the expected annual losses for each threat and also provides a value on the total risk.
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