Toscana Open Research, the observatory and regional portal for research and innovation, is becoming a standard for good practice throughout Italy. In fact, the authority that manages the national operational program on governance has agreed to fund the “Linkord” project, aiming to transfer the experience of the Tuscan portal straight to Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata and Puglia. The project, which is twentieth in the ranking and has just received 700 thousand Euros in funding, aims to develop shared tools and metrics and create a network and communications system for research, innovation and higher education.

“This news confirms the value of our proposal and the quality of our work so far”, commented Tuscany Region Vice President, Monica Barni, continuing: “and allows us to work on the development of a national knowledge system, which we hope to see new partners joining – first the Italian Patent and Trademark Office and Almalaurea, who have already applied, but certainly also other interested regions, to affirm the centrality of research policies in the competitive development of the regions and in support of an innovative cohesion policy”.

Furthermore, the protocol signed between the Region and the MIUR on open data has come into force, supporting transparent communications and public policies.

Monica Barni explained that “With this ambitious and innovative collaboration created from the Tuscan proposal, the Tuscany Region and the MIUR share a work plan that we believe will favour more accurate interpretations of the phenomenon of research and innovation in Italy, in the belief that a more in-depth knowledge of national and regional dynamics can improve sector policies and promote correct information to citizens”.

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