Digital health, defined as the application of information and telecommunication technologies within the health sector, plays a strategic role in addressing social and economic challenges: from current or future pandemics, to an ageing population or to increased life expectancy.

Given the need to act quickly to respond to the needs of the population – think of the importance of a timely response during the spread of Covid-19 – and, more generally, to improve the health system as a whole, digital health it is experiencing a period of rapid transformation. In this rapidly changing context, research and scientific skills play a decisive role in being able to anticipate the solutions of tomorrow.

In order to identify the main players in Tuscan research, encourage their collaboration and create a system perspective, the use of ToscanaOpenResearch has allowed us to characterise some of the determinants of research in Tuscany relating to digital health and tele-medicine and to identify the main players.
We tell you what emerged from our analysis.

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